Yamaha G2E Grand Piano Review


The very popular yet affordable Yamaha baby grand

Several new grand pianos arrived in the showroom recently, including a Yamaha G2E from 1987. Normally we kept 2-3 YAMAHA G2E all the time but due to the MCO, most of the G2E has been sold and we hardly get any imported from Japan. After 2 months of long wait, we finally get our 2 containers of piano arrived to our factory in Seri Kembangan. At the moment we are lucky enough to have a number of Yamaha Grand pianos in stock but here we take a closer look at the 1987 Yamaha G2E. At 170cms in length this model works well in domestic settings, it produces a very powerful sound without overpowering its surroundings. The classic black gloss case finishes off a smart looking Grand Piano.

Yamaha G series grand pianos provides many of the benefits of the conservatory C series but at a much lower price. Lets not confused ourselves with the G2 series because there are G2A, G2B, G2E ,G2A, G2J and many more. This is the 4th generation G2 (E) with an improved iron frame that looks newer, modern and also the number of holes which amplify the sound on the iron frame sometimes very funny, sometimes you will notice 3 holes and some G2E has got 4 holes.

2. Specification

Size 101(H) x 149(W) x 173(L) cm
Action Yamaha composite action
SoundBoard Material Solid Spruce
Back Post
Tuning pin Nickel Pin
Key Surface Yamaha Acrylic
Hammer maple
Duplex Scale
Center pedal 2 pedals only
Music Rack Grand Style
Fallboard Grand Style
Grand piano style Music Rak and Fallboard

3. Tonality and Voicing

When it comes to Grand pianos I usually find older European models preferable to the brighter sounding modern Yamahas. However, Yamaha G2E may prove to be an exception to that. Here we have a really nice example of a Yamaha G2E with a lovely rich, pure tone and a nice responsive action. The tone is very nicely balanced across the keyboard and especially pleasant in the middle. The Yamaha G2E has a very good amount of power for louder playing but also offers plenty of space in its range for soft dynamics. This is definitely a Grand piano that would satisfy advanced players, requiring a high quality instrument, equally it would make a wonderful starter piano.

4 . Conclusion

If you fancy a little grandeur in your house but do not have too much space, you can go for this baby grand piano. Furthermore, we are providing 10 years buyback policy for this piano with a 60% buyback rate. If you wish to visit us to test out this piano, please give us a call before visiting our factory or showroom in klang and seri kembangan !

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