Kawai K50 Upright Piano Review


The action uses first generation composite action fully made by solid wood. Some may argue that millennium action (started since BL series, 4th gen)  is better than “composite” which is fully made of wood, but for technician like us, we know its not true. Although temperature, humidity can affects the stability of the action, we somehow find that wood is still the only material who last the longest. Generally, K48 is around 50 years old and you can still see the action & hammer looks totally new after we restored it. We only use original parts from Japan and restored everything meticulously to let the piano go back to their glorious day. 

Grand piano style Music Rak and Fallboard

3. Tonality and Voicing

Kawai K48 deliver fuller, stronger sound that you would expect from an upright piano, making it a real pleasure for situations where you need a grand but only have limited space. Kawai holds the principle of ” NO-NONSENSE” design, with a huge music desk which is adjustable, it as comfortable in playing long pieces, and something you cant take for granted on every pianos at this price point. 

As for the middle and high pitch zone, its crystal clear tone is not too bright which is quite pleasant and lacking unwanted harshness. This results in a piano that does not become straining to the ears over hours of practice and performance. The K48 also has got the slightly longer keys like grand pianos so you will feel like you are actually playing a grand piano, heavier and more responsive. However, the touch can be adjusted by our master technician to suit your preference. 

 Please take note that not every KAWAI K48 are equal in used piano market. It depends on how the seller or technician refurbished the piano. Our master technician taken good care of every single keys to make sure it always stay balance, aligned and even. 


For a fraction of price, you get one of the greatest Kawai model that can last you easily another 15 to 20 years. All K series were build using real wood that has been seasoned for over 10 years. It is a very good investment as we offer 50% buyback within 10 years. Please take note white colors are custom made and the price is different than black color. 

5 . Conclusion – The Beginner Choice. 

If you fancy a little grandeur in your house but didnt have too much budget,  then go no further than the Kawai K48 Series.It is considered an upright grand piano, with unmatched quality of materials as the early days, Kawai’s singularly focus K series R&D. The combination of good value, craftsmanship and embrace of technology has made KAWAI K48 piano the choice of many teachers, students and schools. 


If you are looking for an upright grand but dont have high budget, this piano is definitely your first choice. Kawai K48 is the first generation of upright grand which Kawai spent millions into R&D in order to develop its very first series of piano, the ALMIGHTY “K” Series. K series is the first ever series made by KAWAI after outsourcing production to some factories such as Yamaha and TOYO Piano. It is also one of the proudest made series where Kawai reincarnated or reintroduce the new K series again (2020).  


1. Kawai’s First ever Upright Grand Made in Japan

Kawai K series is undoubtedly the most popular and highly demanded upright grand  piano ever made which were released in the early 1970s in Japan. Other than K48 series, there were K2, K20, K35, K48, K50 and even the highest model K60. Kawai is the pioneer in making upright grands and you can find every popular series of Kawai has got an upright grand, such as Ku Series KU5, BL series BL71, and many more. The Kawai K48 is 131cm tall with the rounded case design, grand style fallboard and the grandpiano like music rack. Many people have wondered why most of the grand pianos has got the logo “K.KAWAI” and K48 is the ONLY upright grand piano that inherited this special logo. The “K” in K.KAWAI stands for KOICHI, the first name of Kawai Founder for innovative design. Having entered the piano business as young apprentice for Torakasu Yamaha (Yamaha Founder) in early 1900s, Koichi Kawai led the R&D that introduced Japanese pianos to the world. Koichi is the first to design and build a complete piano action in Japan, receiving many patents for his designs and inventions.


There is no difference in product quality between Kawai labeled “K.KAWAI” or KAWAI. The difference is the type of instrument on which these logos are found. The “K.Kawai” brand logo is used only for Kawai grand pianos but K48 is an exception. The K.KAWAI have been honored for over 90 years, following by Shigeru Kawai, the second generation of Kawai’s family who succeeded Koichi Kawai. 

2. Specification

Size 132 x 153 x 65 cm
Action First Gen composite action
SoundBoard Material Solid Spruce
Back Post 6
Tuning pin Nickel Pin
Key Surface Real Ivory
Hammer maple
Duplex Scale
Center pedal practice pedal
Music Rack Grand Style
Fallboard Grand Style

Kawai K48 is a huge upright piano with the height of 132cm, the string length is much longer compare to other 121cm and 125cm pianos. Kawai k48 comes with 2 pedal originally and we have modified it with an extra middle pedal, the practice pedal. It also comes with real ivory key, However due to the prohibition of importing Ivory related products into Malaysia, the ivory keys were removed before exporting by Japanese and we have replace it with NEOTEX Kawai key top. 

6 back post

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