Yamaha U2C Upright Piano Review


Yamaha U2C, Piano Series That Have Been Outshined By Others

Many piano teachers recommend the yamaha u series pianos especially the very popular u1 and u3 but nobody really heard of u2. This is like the middle child of the family haha ! I remember when I was very small my family used to forget or “left” my 2nd younger brother somewhere in shopping mall or restaurant, where both of my parents were too busy with the youngest brother and me myself being the eldest and the most talkative one will not be easily forgotten or ignored.

Same goes to the U2, normally pianist or teachers tend to remember u1 and u3 but not u2. The quality is considered very good but there are very few Yamaha u2 pianos around so most people go for slightly shorter u1, which is 121cm or u3 taller by 131cm.   Therefore today Piano Tan is here to explain and talk about the U2C

Very funny thing is that u1 and u3 share the same alphabetical model, such as u1d u1e u1f, u3d, u3e, u3f, but u2 it doesnt start with D, it’s u2b and u2c. Therefore it’s very confusing as D model are the one that comes with 2 pedals, so in this case u2b comes with 2 pedals and u2c is the one that comes originally with 3 pedals.

2. Specification

Size 127(H) x 150(W) x 61(D) cm
Action First Gen composite action
SoundBoard Material Solid Spruce
Back Post 6
Tuning pin Nickel Pin
Key Surface Neotex
Hammer Maple
Duplex Scale
Center pedal practice pedal
Music Rack Upright Style
Fallboard Upright Style

So what is so special about u2 ? i would say they share the same specification from their sibling, whatever u1h or u3h has, u2h has it too. So its only in terms of height. As Piano Tan mentioned, u3 doesnt mean it’s better than u2 or u1, the sound is definitely louder because of the 131cm extra cabinet. Therefore whenever you compare you will have to compare in terms of the alphabet behind the series, such as u1e vs u3e. Normally we encourage customer who live in condo or those who don’t have a big space to place the piano to choose yamaha u1 as the sound volume is softer compared to the other sibling.

Yamaha u2c comes with 125cm height, 88 keys and was made around 1970 in Japan. It comes with originally with 3 pedals and the hammer are not double felted. The pins are nickel pin and soundboard are made of spruce.

3. Conclusion

When you read up to you, Piano Tan already sit there for 1 hour thinking what else to write on this model and can only think of 1 thing, we encounter some u2b and u2h model that has got a very soft or broken bridge which causes “ the death ” sound, so whenever you look for a u2 model please check properly especially on the bass part.

*disclaimer : i wrote this comment solely on my own opinion and experience, i have no intention to condemn anyone, Yamaha, piano seller or whoever. Please dont sue me i am poor pianist only ok.

Still, Yamaha u2 is still a good piano but also a grey zone piano sitting in between u1 or u3.

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