Yamaha C3 Grand Piano Review



Preserving tradition is not the same thing as refusing to change, it is from the ongoing search for perfection that tradition emerge. And when it comes to the tradition of crafting a grand piano, there is a sound, a tone to which only those who strive constantly to out-do themselves can aspire. For almost half a century, Yamaha’s world renowned C series grand pianos have continued through a gradual process of refinement. The Yamaha C3 concert grand piano built on the knowledge, technique and technology by experience craftsmen pouring everything they knew into the creation of this piano. 


The Yamaha C3 conservatory provides a clear sound with a clean attack, sparkling tone and transparent harmonies, all encased in an elegant, flowing form. 

The Yamaha Grand piano is an excellence example of high quality engineering. The Yamaha C3 model is a well regarded grand piano from Yamaha C series, which stands for Conservatoire. The C series are specifically designed for advanced piano playing and built to withstand the rigors of professional piano performance. They are regular feature of the concert platform and can be found in most conservatoires around the world. 

Yamaha C3 is made in Japan in their premier factory, measures just over 6 foot in lenght, ensuring a deep resonant tone that has warmth and clarity. Its size makes it the perfect choice for larger living spaces and also concert halls. 

2. Specification

Size H 1.01 m x W 1.49 m x L 1.86 m
Action Yamaha Action
SoundBoard Material Solid Spruce
Back Post  
Tuning pin Nickel Pin
Key Surface Yamaha Acrylic
Hammer maple
Duplex Scale
Center pedal Full sostenuto
Music Rack Grand Style
Fallboard Grand Style

The action is a light to medium touch and feels especially quick under the fingers, allowing for fast, intricate, music to be played with ease. Yamaha C3 plays all styles of music and is a pleasure to play for all levels of pianist. Soundboard is the most important part of the piano and Yamaha C3’s soundboard utilized unique crown manufacturing techniques which resonates the emotion of the performer into the piano. 

The technically demanding regulation process that is essential to the C series grand piano’s superior tone is given special emphasis in these instruments. Our Yamaha Trained Technician spent countless hours in perfecting the hammers, strings and the balance of the damping mechanism, with the final goal of rendering each and every note faithfully to the intentions of the pianist. 

The hammers used in the C series utilized the same felt as the CX series, giving Yamaha C3 bright tonal colors and finely nuanced sound. C3 has a pristine reputation for stability and although this piano is about 30 years old, it would still rival the performance of a new instrument such as Yamaha GB1K or Yamaha GC1. 

3. Tonality and Voicing

While it had always been my experience that Yamaha pianos possessed a clean sound quality with a clear attack, the Yamaha C3 was surprisingly warm in the mid section tone. Although the attack sound was still clearly defined, the tone ripened instead of simply dying away. This aspect of the Yamaha C3, and its more delicate attack sound, combined to make a n instrument that seemed at once more colorful, more intimate and better suited to the romantic repertoire than the typical G series. The Yamaha C3 has a very wide dynamic range and it can create explosive dynamics that will blow everyone away. 

4 . Conclusion – Its for Professional

Most people that know the Yamaha C3 associate it with quality and value. Prior to the release of the Kawai RX2, and other mid-range performance grand pianos that C3 was the best choice for a private studio or institution looking for a high quality sound and action, good tuning stability, and a powerful sound for under RM45K. Take note that the New Yamaha C3 made in Japan was selling at RM95K ! Is like a price of a Proton X70. We have 1 or 2 units in stock most of the time and lets not confuse ourselves with Yamaha C3 2 pedals, C3B and also First generation C3 price range from RM20K-40K. If you do not know which C3 to get, do give me a call and i will guide you through this to get your dream piano within your budget ! 



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