Kawai KG2C Baby Grand Piano



KG series also known as conservatory series are renowned for their expressive tone and dynamic range that allow pianists to play with ease. This kawai kg2c /2d grand piano plays expressively, accurately and smoothly. The KG series grand pianos are very popular models that were introduced to US and European market in the 1980s. It consists of KG1, KG2C,D,E, the 6 footer KG3C,D,E, the Semi concert grand KG5C,D and also KG6, KG7, KG8. They were built in their main factory in Hamamatsu Japan. 

I recalled during 2016 i was having late supper with my Japanese piano sensei Mr Nagabushi Sama in Okinawa. We were enjoying ice cold beer and hot ramen during the winter night, i asked him about the origin of KG series, he told me that KG stands for Konserto Granto, because in Japan, they dont have the alphabet C, instead they replace with K sound. The KG series was later re-branded to RX series which is also a big hit. 



1. Kawai's best built quality during the 1980s.

Kawai KG series is undoubtedly the most popular and highly demanded grand piano ever made which were released in the early 1980s in Japan, recorded 300,000 units were sold worldwide. The piano designed and tone is European-inspired, mellow and powerful, not nearly as bright as some other Japanese manufactured models. Kawai always has the tendency to collaborate with European piano makers such as Renner Germany for hammers, Steinway piano’s son Boston was also manufactured by Kawai ! 

This is the 5 ft 3 baby grand piano that is incredibly popular model in our showroom. The KG series grand pianos came out in 1980s, and many pianist were impressed with the entire line, right from KG 1 up to KG 8 due to its high specification at that time and we will go through it very quickly.  Before that, lets take some time to appreciate the photos below. 

2. Specification

Size 102(H) x 152(W) x 178(L) cm
Action First Gen composite action
SoundBoard Material Solid Spruce
Back Post
Tuning pin Nickel Pin
Key Surface  NEOTEX
Hammer Mahogany
Duplex Scale Yes
Center pedal Full Sostenuto 
Music Rack Grand Style
Fallboard Grand Style


So why do we think it delivers that value? Well, let’s start with something that’s common throughout the whole KG Series to begin with. KG series piano has a solid spruce precision-cut tapered soundboard. Layman term, the sound board is extremely good and the technology used is normally for high-end concert grand only such as Fazioli, is a common
technique where the closer to the edge of the soundboard gets, they actually thin it out. This is to maximized energy transfer right to the very edge of the soundboard and activates the whole resonating surface. 

Ok even more layman and easier to understand, the soundboard vibrates more equally and actively which creates more tone, and gives you a bigger dynamic range & tonal range. Its very nicely built and take note this model is built in 1980s, so its a big deal. 

V-Pro plate

the plate is the acoustically neutral iron superstructure of the piano over which the string are
tensioned. All KG series plate are molded using the vacuum mold process (V-pro) with ” Crossbone” design, which result in a strong and stable plate that delivers great sound. 

Duplex Scale

Now this is the interesting part, KG2C has got a full duplex scale but its not the ordinary
duplex scale we seen on other grands, instead its like a long aluminium tube that holds the string. The duplex scale has enable tone enhancement that increases tonality by extending the “speaking length” of the string. This is the part of the string that is free to vibrate. On a piano with Duplex Scaling, you will get the more sounding for each notes. 


3. Tonality and Voicing

 KG2C is a good size piano for the domestic environment, producing tremendous tone and
concert grand sounding, enough to be a satisfying instrument but remaining compact enough to fit neatly in a space. The tone in this particular KG2C is a pleasing fusion of clarity and strength, this is a powerful piano capable of a wide dynamic range. The action is extremely responsive and consistent which is exactly what you will expect from a Kawai grand piano. 

To be more specific, the piano tone is European-inspired and mellow, not nearly as bright as Yamaha. The duration of tone is lengthy and lends itself to classical music. The treble has
a nice singing quality and bass response is amazingly deep, dark given by the size of 5ft3 grand piano. The overall tone quality is balanced across the compass of the keyboard. 

It has got a full sostenuto function which is very very rare to find in a baby grand. Yamaha Baby grands G series does not comes with full sostenuto but instead bass sostenuto. This is a very good selling point to choose Kawai KG series over G series. 


For a fraction of price, you get one of the greatest Kawai Baby Grand model that can last you easily another 15 to 20 years.  It is a very good investment as we offer 60% buyback within 10 years. Please take note white colors are custom made and the price is different than black color. We also have walnut and mahogany version once in awhile. 

5 . Conclusion – The Beginner Choice. 

For baby grands, that’s pretty amazing sound in terms of the depth of the tone, the complexity and the sound its sustaining. Kawai grand pianos are noted for their warm sound which is undoubtedly why Steinway chose Kawai to produce their Boston line of pianos. I personally love KG series so much that it was one of my collection pianos at home (My house got 3 grands, 2 uprights) and it can rival the sound of KG5C. 

Ok enough said, visit our showroom or factory to appreciate the KG2C, currently we have KG2C and KG2D, the only difference is that KG2D is slightly younger than KG2C,
not much different in terms of aesthetically and sound. 



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