Kawai BL51 Upright Piano Review



If you are looking for an upright piano that has got a good spec and will last for a good used of 15-20 years or up to professional level playing style, this piano is definitely your first choice. BL series is one of the series where Kawai spent so much time developing and improving, from the very first batch of successful K series. We noticed that K series has got K2,K5,K8,K20,K35,K48,K50 and K60 in the series, but there are only 3-4 models in second generation KU series, KU1, KU2, KU3, KU5 and third generation KS1, KS2,KS3. All of a sudden, Kawai 4th Generation BL series introduces BL11,BL12,BL31,BL51,BL61,BL71 and even BL82 into the series. This has shown that Kawai spent alot on Research & Development, try and error method in order to achieve a more stable series before BL. (Some KU series especially KU5D has got some designed flaws on the iron frame)


Kawai BL series is undoubtedly the most popular and highly demanded successful series ever made which were released in the early 1973s in Japan. Other than BL51 series, there were BL11, BL12, BL31, BL51, BL61, BL71  and even the highest model BL82. If we were to compare with Yamaha U1, U2, U3, i personally think Kawai is way more innovative and care for their customer which they put alot of effort in R&D, giving customers more value in terms of specification and also materials built. The Kawai construction is famous for their use of top quality soundboards, and solid backposts.


2. Specification

Size 127(H) x 152(W) x 61(D) cm
Action Kawai Millenniam action I
SoundBoard Material Solid Spruce
Back Post 5
Tuning pin Nickel Pin
Key Surface Kawai NEOTEX
Hammer maple
Duplex Scale
Center pedal practice pedal
Music Rack upright piano
Fallboard upright piano

Kawai K48 is consider quite a big piano with the height of 127cm, the string length is much longer compare to 109cm and 121cm pianos. The Kawai BL51 comes with original 3 pedal and NEOTEX key to provide a smooth, enjoyable playing experience. 

The action uses the Kawai Milleaniam Action I which started to use a combination of carbon, instead of composite (wood) parts. This has allow the action to return to position faster which in turn provides a more responsive keyboard. The hammer used are the mahogany hammers that has a red felt in the hammer. This is to make the overall hammer shapes better and thicker, which produces more harmonious sound, warmer and richer tone. Normally Kawai only uses this kind of ” SPECIAL ” hammers on the high end model which can also be found in the BL61,BL71 and US series, whereas BL11,BL12, BL31 uses a set of normal hammer. 


3. Tonality and Voicing

Kawai BL51 deliver fuller, stronger sound that you would expect from an upright piano, making it a real pleasure on playing it. BL51 offers a warmer tone than most Yamahas. On the middle and high pitch zone, its crystal clear tone is not too bright which is quite pleasant and lacking unwanted harshness. This results in a piano that does not become straining to the ears over hours of performance and practice. Sorry if i sounded bias but i would always prefer to have a mellow & richer tone instead of Yamahas. However, some BL series might be too mellow and over dull, therefore, the hammer has to be filed by our master technician to achieve a balance tone, not too dull, not too bright, just right ! 

Please take note that not every Kawai BL51 are equally refurbished in the used piano market. Stay away from cheap price tag or too good to be true offer. Always request the seller to explain the characteristic of the piano or open up the front board to check out the piano action. Lets take some time to enjoy some of the Reviews we have done to assist you in getting your dream piano !


This KAWAI BL51 can last you a good 15-20 years without big major issue.  All BL series were build using real wood that has been seasoned for over 10 years. It is a very good investment as we offer 60% buyback within 10 years. Please take note white colors are custom made and the price is different than black color.


Trust me that you wont regret on choosing over BL51 especially if there are special edition such as BL51 special, BL51 DELUXE or some other special edition. Since this is a highly demanded pianos, we always kept more than 3-4 units of BL51 in our factory or warehouse. If you happen to be around in KL or Selangor (Puchong / Klang) area, feel free to contact me and test out the piano yourself ! 




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