Kawai CL7C Upright Piano Review




This time, we would like to present you the ” CITY LIFE ” series from Kawai. As high rise condominium buildings are becoming more popular for its convenience, the living style of city have changed, such as many furniture became smaller than before and people try to squeeze everything into one room. Many piano owners have lived with a continuing problem. Someone in the family needed to play or practice during specific hours, but those hours conflicted with the schedules of others who needed to rest, sleep or have quiet environment. Therefore, The CITY LIFE series was introduced to counter this issue. 

CITYLIFE pianos are normally smaller in cabinet size, which result to deliver a softer sound, without sacrificing the touch of a real piano. I would say these piano were designed in between a standard upright piano and digital piano. Digital pianos take its role when the space of the houses became smaller but there are still people who preferred upright piano than digital piano. 

The “CITY LIFE” series was born under this circumstances, having its goal to make the best acoustic pianos which will fit into the small housing. It has small and smart design, and it will not make any bouncing sound or any bad resonance sound even if you place it at the small child room. Now we can enjoy and experience the music in actual which cannot happen by digital pianos in a small space.


2. Specification

Size 113cm(H) x 150cm(W) x 54cm(D)
Action First Gen composite action
SoundBoard Material Solid Spruce
Back Post
Tuning pin Nickel Pin
Key Surface Real Ivory
Hammer maple
Duplex Scale
Center pedal practice pedal
Music Rack upright 
Fallboard upright 

Besides CL7C, there are actually CL1, CL2, CL3 in the series. The CL range are really eye catching in their ultra compact design and build. You will be blown away by the really bright keen responsive full sound that this Kawai CL7C offers. The CL7C offers great looks and sound to those people who live in modern accommodation, where this piano can be placed anywhere, in bedroom or small living hall. 


3. Tonality and Voicing

The Kawai CL7C pianos range have Responsive Hammer action keys on board which really are great to play, I enjoyed the quick response and feel that this action gives. The key tops are in finished off nicely, again adding to the playing experience in absorbing fingertip moisture, allowing for a smooth playing experience.

The sound is full of harmonic colour yet warm and full of depth up and down the treble and bass part. Its a sound i found myself playing on for quite a while and lets be fair to this 109cm height piano, the bass consider strong enough, overall sound is ok not too loud and just right for high rise condo user. 

4 . Conclusion – The Beginner Choice. 

If you are living in condos or smaller house, you can consider this piano as even the space allow a full 121cm standard upright piano, if its facing all walls, the sound will reflect through the wall which will create strong echo, and you will very frustrated playing instead of giving you a pleasant experience. We have this model throughout the year and if you wish to visit our factory or warehouse, please feel free to give us a call an make appointment with us ! 


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