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Kawai has always impressed consumers with its innovation and creativity. The KAWAI US60 UPRIGHT GRAND PIANOis another example of why this company is considered to be one of the very best in the business. This state of the art upright grand has it all. You want your piano to sound and feel as close as possible to a grand piano and this KAWAI US60 upright grand piano will not let you down.

1. Made in Japan

Kawai US series is undoubtedly the most popular and highly demanded upright grand  piano ever made which were released in the early 1990s in Japan. Other than US60 series, there were US50, US55, US63H, US70, US75 and even the highest end US80. They were all 131CM tall with the rounded case design, grand style fallboard and the large music rack. This is how they get to named as UPRIGHT GRAND. They were actually the predecessor to the US5X, US6X, US7X and US8X. US series were designed to be in direct competition to the Yamaha UX,YUS and YUA series. 

2. Specification

Size 132 x 153 x 65 cm
Action Millennium 1
SoundBoard Material Solid Spruce
Back Post 6
Tuning pin Blued Pin
Key Surface Neotex
Hammer Mahogany
Duplex Scale
Center pedal practice pedal
Music Rack Grand Style
Fallboard Grand Style

Kawai US60 is a huge upright piano with the height of 132cm, the string length is much longer compare to other 121cm and 125cm pianos. Therefore, it produces great dynamic of sound range and also deeper darker tone especially in the bass part.

6 back post

The action uses Millennium 1 action which feature abs carbon and no longer using wooden parts. Kawai design engineers realised that using only wood for the mechanical parts of a piano action was risky due to the parts would continually shrink, swell and warp with changes in humidity. This will alter the precision and stability of the action and hurt the player’s performance. Sometimes, the hammer may strike just two strings which can produce buzzing sounds, or may drift even further from its ideal position. Therefore, Kawai invested millions of dollars to create piano actions with composite materials, including leading edge carbon fiber which are extremely stable over time. This makes KAWAI US60 action more stable and consistent than others. Even Yamaha are still using wooden parts nowadays.

Blued Pin
Mahogany hammer
Grand piano style Music Rak and Fallboard

3. Tonality and Voicing

Kawai US60 delivers deep and warm tones due to the extra string length. The bass is so powerful that it can totally out stand some of the baby grands. The higher note parts were crystal clear and dynamic range from pianissimo to forte that rivals many baby grands.

The key control and touch were just right, not too heavy and not too light. However, please take note that not every KAWAI US60 are equal in used piano market. It depends on how the seller or technician refurbished the piano. Our master technician taken good care of every single keys to make sure it always stay balance, aligned and even.

4. Resale Value

Kawai US60 is consider Rare in Malaysia market and its getting more difficult to import from Japan used Piano market. It possessed an abnormally high resale value, in this case we offer 70% T&C buy back within 10 years for this model if you get from us. Furthermore, the piano gets extra lifespan after we refurbished the piano as we will restore this high end piano from A-Z. Photos below show the condition of the piano after restoration done by us. After restoration, this piano can easily last you another 15-20 years with regular yearly maintenance (Tuning + Regulation)

Regulation done by our in house master technician
Replaced new Bridle Strap, string and also polish every single chrome part.
Piano body respray with 1 layer of undercoat to cover scratches, 2 layer of black coat to make it looks super black and 2 layer of clear coat to protects it from scratches and mirror effect.
All our piano paints were sourced from Japan.

5. Conclusion

If you fancy a little grandeur in your house, then go no further than the Kawai US60 Series.It is considered an upright grand piano, with its spectacular exterior and unmatched quality of materials.An outstanding professional piano, it has been marketing by Kawai as a world class piano crafted to perform like a fine grand piano. If you are looking for a piano distinguished by elegant design,high quality materials, technical advancements, sensitive touch and perfect sound, look no further than the US Series.



Our Customer Who Bought US60


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