Yamaha C108 Upright Piano Review


Yamaha C108 - High Quality, Timeless, Small Modern Piano

If you are looking for an upright piano but do not have a big space for it, or worry about disturbing your neighbour, this piano is definitely your first choice ! The Yamaha C108 is a high quality “Small Modern” piano which were built around 1980s and present. This Yamaha C108 was solidly built in Japan, which can last a lifetime if proper maintenance has been done on the piano ! 

The C series is the much later series compact piano made by Yamaha after outsourcing production to some factories such as NIPPON GAKI TOYO Piano. It is also one of the proudest made series of Yamaha where the C series succeeded P series (P1, P2) and also LU (Lu108, lu90) series, which are also smaller size piano made by Yamaha

2. Specification

Size 108(H) x 148(W) x 54(D) cm
Action Yamaha Composite action 
SoundBoard Material Solid Spruce
Back Post 5
Tuning pin Nickel Pin
Key Surface Yamaha keytop
Hammer maple
Duplex Scale
Center pedal practice pedal
Music Rack upright
Fallboard upright

3. Tonality and Voicing

Yamaha Pianos are characterised by their powerful, bright tone and medium to light touch, as well as their high quality of construction. The Yamaha C108 was made in Japan but to target European region customers, therefore most of the C108 seen were in Walnut or mahogany color. It has been a very popular model in European country to serve as a music school pianos, and home of enthusiastic players. 

Although this piano is as compact as many digital pianos, the 108cm height body has been carefully designed to withstand long bass string tension, making the tone rich and full, without the ” blur buzzy” bass register often happens on small uprights. The tone is sweet and bright just like Yamaha piano but of course if you compare with U1, U2 series, the C108 is still just a practice piano that fit the purpose of practicing only. The C108 is for those who looking to play for pleasure, longer lasting quality piano. If you are professional pianist, i would recommend u to look for Yamaha U series or Y series. 

The touch is light and responsive if regulation is done properly by skilled technician (We take regulation very seriously ! ). The C108 combines the finesse of U series sleek action and internal materials in a much more compact size, making this incredibly easy to move and accommodate, from a big hall to a small room. The C108 features a full size 88 keys and a practice pedal for heavily muted playing. 

Please take note that not every Yamaha C108 are equal in used piano market. It depends on how the seller or technician refurbished the piano. Our master technician taken good care of every single keys to make sure it always stay balance, aligned and even. 


4. Price is very AFFORDABLE. 

For a fraction of price, you get one of the great piano model that can last you easily another 15 to 20 years. It is a very good investment as we offer 50% buyback within 10 years. Please take note that normally C108 piano comes with original walnut or mahogany color, black and white colors are custom made and the price is different

 Conclusion – Good beginner piano to start with ! 

The Yamaha c108 is a good beginner piano and if you are an adult, playing just for leisure without the intention to sit for professional music board examination then you can go for this unit. If you plan to get a piano that you wouldnt have to upgrade again in the future then you can go for U series or a taller piano, at least 121cm height. 



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