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Yes we admit that U1 series are sometimes very confusing, it started with the Old U1A, no U1B,U1C and straight away to U1D,E,F,G,H,M and lastly the U1A which is made in Japan around 1983-1988. To me, i think the phone manufacturer Apple Iphone copied Yamaha’s strategy by upgrading a little in specification, but sell at a premium or rename it into a newer product. 

All of the models listed above are designed to take students all the way through grade 8 and they are all Japanese made, come from Hammatsu factory where Yamaha make all of their flagship upright & grand pianos. There are some differences in exterior design like U1D, F, G, H, M, A are almost the same but U1E is slightly different. Lets dive into U1A today ! 


The Yamaha U1 has a great history, as well as an enormous impact on the piano industry and is playing very big role in Malaysia, as well as the rest of the industry. U1 series is also one of the number best selling pianos line in the world ! Buyers know that consumer goods that are made in Japan generally have the best cost-for-value ratio and the piano industry is no exception. The U1A is the last batch of U1 made in Japan and the rest were outsource to made in Indonesia with cheaper labour and cost competitiveness such as U1JPE. The U1A is made in the same factory as the Yamaha CFX concert grand, one of the best pianos in the world. 

2. Specification

Size 121(H) x 150(W) x 61(D) cm
Action Yamaha composite action
SoundBoard Material Solid Spruce
Back Post 5
Tuning pin Nickel Pin
Key Surface Yamaha keytop
Hammer maple
Duplex Scale
Center pedal practice pedal
Music Rack upright
Fallboard upright


3. Tonality and Voicing

The Yamaha U1 has become the benchmark for exam standard height, 121cm. The height is tall enough that it can have a deep bass tone and quick repetition. The U1A are consider the highest end professional quality pianos in U series. This piano feature the same high quality components and high standard of construction as the UX but in a smaller case. The U1 has a less powerful volume than the U3, so is ideally suited to smaller rooms where a U3 or UX might overpower, both physically and in terms of Volume. However, the quality of the tone is still full and precise, and keyboard action is very responsive. 

U1A was highly recommended to all pianists of all abilities, the light refined action makes these instruments suitable for the youngest beginners while the quality of the tone and sturdiness of build means a piano for life, for the most discerning pianist. The treble register is as bright as Yamaha signature tone, strong but not too overpowered bass.

The U1A like a U1 series, has a useful practice pedal, enabling evening practice without disturbing others. Heres a comparison video of Yamaha U1D, U1H and U1A 



 i used to play Yamaha U1A since i was a kid until i completed grade 8, that time the price was around RM6K during 1996-1997, and till now 2020, market price for this unit is RM10K+, the cost of importing Yamaha U1A from Japan now is higher than RM6K ! therefore, It is a very good investment and if you get Yamaha U1A from us,  we offer 70% buyback within 10 years.

5 . Conclusion – The Beginner Choice. 

The Yamaha U1A is so popular because of its good performance, rugged enough for institutions, and affordable enough for the home. If you are interested please let us know as we always have U1A in stock ! Please give us a call before visiting our factory or showroom ya. 


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